FullFeedback Productions took home first place at the 3D Film Festival in Hollywood for their new independent film “Iron Doors 3D” on last night. It won the top prize in the "3D Narrative Feature Film" category.

The film world-premiered at the Los Angeles Film School during 3DFF in Hollywood, with a full red carpet press event and screening, followed by the European premiere in London on October 7th at the Raindance Festival.

The feature was directed by Stephen Manuel and stars Axel Wedekind. 

Iron Doors is a tale of one man’s intense struggle to free himself from inside a locked vault. He has no idea how he got in the vault – or how to get out – but he somehow must escape before he dies of dehydration.

“We chose to use depth as a tool and not a gimmick", says director Stephen Manuel. "It let´s the viewers get closer to the character and you really have the feeling of veing locked in a  vault like our hero."